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META TOPICPARENT name="TrackerSoftware"
META TOPICPARENT name="Trash.CMSTrackerSoftware"

Some findings


  • Datacard parameters
    A particle is decayed only if its proper lifetime is smaller than PARJ(71), which is set to cτ = 10 mm. Strange particles are "stable", charm and bottom decay.


  • Simulate tracker only
    • Use reduced geometry file Xml
  • Simulated V0 daughters
    • Mantis/MantisApplication: add to src/NewTrackAction.cc
#include "G4VProcess.hh"
// Lengths are in mm for OSCAR!
if( (aTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessType() == fElectromagnetic &&
     aTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessName() == "conv") ||
    (aTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessType() == fDecay &&
     aTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessName() == "Decay") )
  if(fabs(aTrack->GetPosition().z())    < 50. * 10 &&
     fabs(aTrack->GetPosition().perp()) < 15. * 10)
    • Mantis/MantisApplication: add to BuildFile
 <use name=geant4>
 <use name=clhep>
    • compile in Mantis/MantisApplication/src
      scramv1 build

  • If an oscar job fails (exceeds the maximum cpu time, or loses terminal connection, etc), just copy the content of the nameoftherun.runid file (
    CARF:ResumeRun= @{[ ... a huge hexadecimal string ... ]}@
    ) to the end of the .oscarrc file, and run again. The simulation should continue from the last successful event.
-- GergelyPatay - 21 Jun 2006


  • Compilation
    • TrackerReco/PixelTrackFinder: add to src/SeedGeneratorByRecTracksRecAlgo.cc
      #include "CARF/Reco/interface/RecConfig.h"
    • TrackerReco/TkEvent: add to interface/TkSimEventDispatch.h
      #include "TrackerReco/TkEvent/interface/TkSimEvent.h"
    • To skip cache scan:
      scramv1 build --fast
  • SimTrack filtering
    • TkEvent/src/SimpleCarfSimTrackFilter.cc: change the condition
      theSimTrack.charge() != 0

Minimum bias events

  • Published digi samples are available here: Html
    Latest "minimum bias for pile-up" is dataset mu05c_MBforPU and owner mu_Hit3980_g133 (100k events). Follow the owner link and merge the "meta" and "data" catalogs (meta Xml and EVD Xml). The files are on CASTOR.

a lot of minbias events


  • Give access to an AFS
fs setacl system:anyuser rlidw

-- FerencSikler - 07 Jun 2006

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="OSCARconfiguration.xml" attr="h" comment="" date="1150037343" name="OSCARconfiguration.xml" path="OSCARconfiguration.xml" size="1087" stream="OSCARconfiguration.xml" user="Main.FerencSikler" version="1"
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