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  • Basic concept: CMSSW is the current official CMS simulation and reconstruction software framework. There are various modules (shared object files), which are dynamically linked to a main binary (called cmsRun), which is not touched at all by the user. These modules can be switched on/off and can be configured by job config files. It runs like this: cmsRun job_config_file.cfg. One can also say this in an other way: the cmsRun interprets the job config file. One can also extend or modify the software by creating/modifying the modules.
  • Some useful links: twiki, software cross reference, config language manual, useful samples.
  • How to check out and use: download the files install_cmssw.sh and DemoAnalyzer.tar.gz, then run the install_cmssw.sh install script. Check the directory CMSSW_*_*_*/src/Demo/DemoAnalyzer. Under the bin directory I put a quasi-automated job runner script called go.sh. Under the test directory, there are job config sample files, like: single muon sample generation by particle gun + simulation + digitalization, local reconstruction (hit collection), and CTF-KF track finding.
  • We have set up a mailing list on CMSSW at cmssw@NOSPAMszofi.elte.hu. For subscribing, send a mail with subject subscribe. For unsubscribing, send a mail with subject unsubscribe.

-- AndrasLaszlo - 17 Jun 2006

-- BalintRadics - 19 Jun 2006

  • CMSSW tutorial held at Cern on 21 June 2006: Tutorial

-- BalintRadics - 21 Jun 2006

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